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Zimbabwe’s spatial paradox

Italian Version   Ducking and weaving, side-stepping one, side-stepping two, brushing away shoulder charges and sprinting through to … the other side of the road, are my moves in the streets of downtown Harare and not the rugby field.    I consider myself to be spatially aware, I have a good sense of where objects are in relation to my body and can make the necessary adjustments when the aforementioned’s position changes. However, I can’t say the same for many Zimbabweans.    AtWork Harare, workshop at the National Hallery of Zimbabwe, ph Kresiah Mukwazhi. The number of times I’ve stood in a queue and felt someones’ breath on my neck or their chest on my back are too numerous to mention. Normally a glare would make most back off, but instead, a vacant expression free of any guilt makes you look weird for not wanting a complete strangers’ body in your personal space.   Then there are kombis. The business is simple: get as many people to fit  into the mini-bus as humanely possible. Nevermind the gear lever grinding on your thigh or the complaints of clients in a hurry, everyone knows space is money.   Great Zimbabwe, ph Simba Mafundikwa...