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Tracing Emerging Contemporary Art Practice in South Africa

After the focus on Angola we are continuing our collaboration with Another Africa with the second article from their Tracing Emerging Artistic Practice series dedicated to the artistic scene of South Africa.  Enjoy.   lettera27 Versione italiana         Houghton Kinsman     With planning underway for the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art and on the back of the announcement of Johannesburg as one of Phaidon’s 12 Future Art Cities, there is an air of creative enthusiasm around South Africa. As one of the most established art markets on the continent, events like these, in addition to Cape Town’s role as the 2014 World Design Capital, have meant increased attention on and discussion around the countries creative exploits.   Daniella Mooney. Fool’s Gold, 2013. Courtesy of the artist and Whatiftheworld, Cape Town   One of the most exciting aspects to emerge from this discussion has been the continued growth of contributions from young creative practitioners to the cultural and artistic climate of South Africa.   As young artists/curators, presenting critical thoughts on and notions of...

Interview to James Kerr aka (?) Scorpion Dagger

James Kerr is a Canadian artist who opened his tumblelog in 2012, and gives life to the Scorpion Dagger project. His works are based on material sampled from paintings of the early Northern Renaissance, which he re-assembles in digital collages. What if St. George was not able to win the dragon? What is behind the miracle of Christ walking on the water? How really the imposition of the Holy Shroud was? The artist invests the old scenes with new meaning, selecting and shaping a certain kind of artistic material and mixing it with everyday scenes of contemporary life. The ironic and grotesque – sometimes irriverent – effect is one of the main feature of his artwork.   Versione italiana       Hello James and thank you for the interview! Who is Scorpion Dagger? What does Scorpion Dagger do? When and where does Scorpion Dagger is born? Hi! I was born in August 1978, in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been making a lot of little animations and posting a good chunk of them as GIFs on the internet since early 2012. Funny thing is that Scorpion Dagger was actually always meant to be the name of the GIF project and not necessarily an artist name, but who...

The mother of all dances

Why Africa?  For many years lettera27 has been dedicated to exploring various issues and debates around the African continent and with this new editorial column we would like to open a dialogue with cultural protagonists who deal with Africa. This will be the place to express opinions, tell their stories, stimulate the critical debate and suggest ideas to subvert multiple stereotypes surrounding this immense continent. With this new column we would like to open new perspectives: geographical, cultural, sociological. We would like the column to be a stimulus to learn, re-think, be inspired and share knowledge. For the opening piece we asked our partners, intellectuals and like-minded cultural protagonists from all over the world to answer one key question, which also happens to be the name of the column: "Why Africa?". We left the question deliberately open, inviting each of the contributors to give us their perspective on this topic from their own context. This first piece is a collection of some of the answers we received, which aims to open the conversation, pose more questions and hopefully find new answers.   Elena Korzhenevich, lettera27   Here...