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The Intimate Faraway (L’Intime Lointain)

Versione italiana     The story of Naama Asfari reads like a perverted fairy tale, one where cruelty and injustice would regularly have the upper hand against the protagonist. A renown Sahrawi Human Rights activist and jurist, Naama was condemned to a thirty-year prison term by a Moroccan military court in 2010, for having organized a peaceful demonstration for the right to self-determination of the indigenous Sahrawi people of Western Sahara (former Spanish Sahara), a territory militarily annexed by Morocco in 1975 and occupied by the Moroccan army ever since.   Naama Asfari is emblematic in his engagement in one of today’s most asymmetrical struggles, the fight of the Sahrawi people to obtain the right to self-determination through a referendum organized under the auspices of the United Nations in 1992. The procedure has constantly been put off by the Moroccan monarchy, which illegally controls the territory in violation of the principles of international law with respect to Non-Self-Governing Territories as defined by the United Nations. France has consistently defended Morocco’s invasion, occupation and spoliation of the Sahrawi lands and Paris...