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Biennale Off in Cairo

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The Question of Artistic Freedom

Versione italiana     On December 3-5th 2015 we held AtWork Cairo workshop at Darb 1718 artistic center, which involved local art students and young creative talents and was conducted by Simon Njami. The workshop took place during the Cairo Off Biennale “Something Else” and took its title after the event. AtWork Cairo was facilitated by the assistant art professor of American University in Cairo Heba Amin. Heba is also a visual artist, a cultural activist and one of the key figures behind the subversive action against racism of the US TV series Homeland this last fall, which caused huge international publicity and debate on race representation in the Western media. We have asked Heba to share her thoughts on the situation of artistic and creative expression in Egypt and on AtWork workshop within its context. Enjoy the piece below. lettera27   Heba Amin, photo by Martin Schwarz     On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the January 25th revolution, the Egyptian state has relayed a clear political stance through intimidation tactics. The recent government shutdown of the Townhouse Gallery, one of Egypt’s most active and significant...