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Exposures (2001-2005)

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Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi, Italy (March 4 – April 25) / Plural Biography. Virginia Ryan 2000–2016

Italian Version   If the world was not created to end up in an exhibition, we can turn to an exhibition to understand more about the world: it is not about looking at art, but looking through art. This was the aim of a curatorial project presented at Palazzo Lucarini, focusing on the works by Virginia Ryan, an artist who spent the years from 2000 to 2015 between Ghana and Ivory Coast. Fifteen years are a considerable amount of time in a person’s life. Virginia Ryan is neither a globetrotting artist focusing on short-lived site-specific projects, nor an artist rooted in one single place. She describes herself as a “reluctant nomad.”   An Australian of Irish descent, she spent part of her life in Scotland, got married in Italy and moved with her ambassador husband to Egypt, Yugoslavia and Brazil, and then to Ghana and Ivory Coast. Her life is a never-ending journey, a life spent in travel. Her singular but not single-faceted existence can be regarded as a cultural biography that symbolically evokes and reflects the diasporic nature of our present lives. It is a plural biography, one and multiple at the same time, intersecting the lives of others. Her art derives from an...